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  • Common Terms in the Forums

    Below is a list of terms commonly used in the forums - this is far from complete, please post additions you would like added, which will be added to this original post. Thanx to all ahead of time.



    Block - Another term for DIMM (Also Stick, Brick)

    Box - Another term for a tower/desktop computer

    Brick - Another term for DIMM (Also Stick, Block)

    CPU - Central Processing Unit – the brain of the computer

    CPU/NB - Common Memory Controller voltage in AMD systems

    CPU-Z - A free informational utility program

    CR - Command Rate of DRAM (also Command Timing) (Normally 1T, 2T, 1N, 2N)

    DIMM - Direct Inline Memory Model – Memory module (Also Stick, Block, Brick)

    DOCP - DRAM Over Clock Profile - Sort of AMDs answer to XMP, High freq DRAM profiles

    DRAM - Dynamic Random Access Memory – the DIMMs installed in a computer (also RAM)

    Freq - Short for Frequency - Normally associated to the speed of DRAM or CPU

    GB - Gigabyte – Equal to 1.024 MB (Megabytes), also may refer to Gigabyte Manufacturer

    GPU - Graphics Processing Unit – the brain of your video/graphics card or onboard video

    MB - Megabyte – Equal to 1,024 Bytes (1 character)

    MC - Memory Controller – Manages the DRAM

    Memtest - A free utility program to test DRAM

    Mobo - Short for Motherboard

    Motherboard - The main board of a computer (inserted add on boards are Daughter boards)

    NB Voltage - Voltage for NB Chipset

    NB - NorthBridge Chipset (Memory Controller in Socket 775 motherboards)

    OC - Overclock - mostly applies to CPU or DRAM, also to GPU

    PSU - Power Supply Unit – your computer power supply

    QVL or QML - Qualified Vendors List - A list of DRAM 'tested' by motherboard makers as works with a motherboard

    RAM - Random Access Memory – see DRAM

    Rig - Another term for a tower/desktop computer

    SATA - Serial ATA – A computer interface for drives and devices (also SATA II and SATA III)

    SPD - Serial Presence Detect – the programming in a DIMM

    SSD - Solid State Drive – a ‘hard drive’ using RAM instead of platters

    Stick - Another term for DIMM (Also, Brick, Block)

    VCCIO - Memory Controller Voltage in 1155 motherboards

    VCCSA - System Agent Voltage in 1155 motherboards

    vCore - CPU Voltage

    VTT - Term for Memory Controller voltage (also CPUVTT, QPIVTT, VCCIO depends on mobo

    XMP - eXtreme Memory Profile - From Intel, reads info from SPD and implements it on Intel mobos
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    OC and QVL come up frequently

    Thanx, added 4/20/12
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