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What does everyone play here?

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  • What does everyone play here?

    Well I figure there is a shiny new forum so why not put it to use....

    What games does everyone here play, or played extensively in the past

    First major game was America's Army back in like 2003-2007 I actually built my first build solely to play that game

    Then I fell into the MMORPG mess and played silkroad online from 2006-2009.

    Got busy in life and played less games for a while but played Forsaken world for a year or two sparingly.

    From 2011 to today the game I do or have played are

    World of Tanks
    Planetside 2
    and a little Tiger Woods on the PS3
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    I mainly play FPS, like BRINK, BF3 / BF4 or Hard Reset, but had a period where I played Diablo-III and Torchlight-2 as well.

    I also like Racing-Games like NFS, but I'm not sure yet, if I will get NFS: Rivals as well, as I was a bit disappointed by the previous 2 NFS-Titles.

    I'm looking forward to get Titanfall as well.



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      Crusader Kings 2!!! Also, most Paradox stuff like Europa Universalis.

      I am also into Mount and Blade Warband with the Clash of Kings mod.

      Paradox strategy games are unmatched!


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        Mostly retro and old school RPGs (e.g. Wizardry series) and a some strategy classics (like MOM).
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          I have been hooked on FarCry for a long time.

          Just built a new computer with up to date abilities.
          Just finished Tomb Raider 2013. Thought it was awesome.

          FarCry 3 is pretty good, doesn't have the ambiance that the original did in my opinion.
          Playing a little Crysis3, FarCry Blood Dragon.

          Looking for my next favorite game..........


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            Bought Age of Mythology again. Damn. I remember playing that on a dell and thinking it looked great. Still as much fun as I remember though. CoD4, and counterstrike are my main games though. Still waiting for more Half-Life...Ether One caught me off guard though. It is like portal with less deaths and more story.


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              tank trouble unblocked
              Clicker games
              elza games
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                Arma 3 (different mods)


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                  Originally posted by AyyPetey View Post
                  Arma 3 (different mods)
                  mostly this, both survival mods and gamemodes (exile, breaking point, wasteland, battle royal...) and MilSim (military simulation). although I left my milsim group and now I mostly play survival and some coop misions with a few friends.

                  I also play Rainbow Six: Siege, Rust, Spintires, DayZElite Dangerous, Worms ultimate mayhem...


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                    Left 4 Dead 2 is my favorite action game, sadly not many play on expert
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                      Balanced Annihilation/SpringRTS.


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                        Fallout 4 right now


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                          L4D is awesome , use to play it quite a bit trying to pass each map and difficulty xD


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                            I've been occupying my time with Fallout for since release day yet have been sneaking a bit of Star Wars: Tiny Death Star and a small bit of Fallout: Shelter on occasion.


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                              Just finished Fallout 4 for the 2nd time after Automatron, Far Harbor & the new crafting options were available. finished Dark Souls 3 before that.
                              Currently playing Original Sin: Enhanced Edition and some Grid Autosport every so often.

                              Had recently started a New Game+ in Witcher 3 for the Hearts of Stone expansion but never got far. Blood & Wine was soon to come so had put it off, now got to get back to it.
                              Also recently started a new playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition after receiving a "season pass" pack.
                              Just updated the DLC content pack for XCOM 2, also need to get back to it.
                              and Metro Redux. and Wasteland 2: Director's Cut. and The White March 1 & 2. and Ashes of the Singularity. and Ori & The Blind Forest: Definitive Edition. and Siege of the Dragon Spear. and Dying Light's new Enhanced Edition content.

                              soo many great games available with so little time to play...........
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