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Asus Maximus v Formula Bios 701
intel I7 - 3770k @4.6 100x46 right now trying to get the mem to OC.
Gskill - Trident X 2400 8GBx4 (2 disabled in Bios while trying to OC.) I can run this at 10-11-11-30 T2 @2400 without issue, when loosening up this I should be able to get higher, but its not happening.
Win 7 Ult. on 2x OCZ 120GB V3 ssd, raid 0.

Will try this tonight: try 12-13-13-34, 1.7, with VCCSA 1.25 and VTT 1.21 What really bothers me is when it fails, it will not even post and I have to go to the back and reset/clear the Cmos. And then sometimes it ends up deleting my Saved Bios'- thought that is Asus issue. none the less this is when it really upsets me that I paid top dollar for this memory (and the Setup even) and cant get anywhere with it.

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