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reformatting a 240gb Gskill Falcon Pro SATA11

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  • reformatting a 240gb Gskill Falcon Pro SATA11

    I am lost. I tried to clone a smaller SSD to this one. I meant a Phoenix Pro

    I sent suppport a message that I was having problems and could not find the firmware update tool for this drive. They sent me a file of almost 50 tools and none of them was for this drive.
    1. I attached the SSD to another computer as a secondary drive, no other drives attached except the OS drive.
    2. I opened the files on a USB stick that GSKill sent me. They were all for smaller SSDs, none for the 240gb SSD.
    3. The AP.exe file opened with an error.
    4. The GUI opened but it did not dectect the SSD even though Windows did.
    5. If thew GUI would dete3ct the drive I am fine from there but no such luck.
    6 I need to wipe this driver clean and update the firmware.

    Please help me.
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    This should work to update firmware.

    Make sure to read over the steps so it recognizes the SSD properly.

    Thank you


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      Will the Parted Magic Secure Erase, also erase the firmware on the disc because it already has V4.2 on it.


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        No, it will not wipe the firmware, so after Parted Magic it should be like new with latest FW.

        Thank you


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          The best way is reflash firmware 1916, after updata to 2030. This step can release and re-positioning of the bad block.