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Bios error: Phoenix fm-25s2s-100gbp1

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  • Bios error: Phoenix fm-25s2s-100gbp1


    I purchased a PHOENIX FM-25S2S-100GBP1 last year, installed it on Windows 7 and everything was great until about a week ago.

    My SSD works fine for about 5-10 minutes, then promptly locks up and reboots the system. When my computer reboots the BIOS no longer recognizes the SSD. I am them unable to access my SSD unless my computer is off for a couple of minutes- then the whole process repeats itself. (BIOS detects the drive, shuts down, etc...)

    Any suggestions? I haven't updated my BIOS/SSD Firmware- was thinking of starting off in that direction.

    Any help would be much appreciated,

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    please backup all of your important data and secure erase the drive, then update to the latest version of 4.2 firmware. please follow the steps as the sticky thread.


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      Finally got around to secure erase my drive, but now BIOS won't detect my SSD. What's the next step?


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        are you sure it wont detect in BIOS after secure erase? because it could be a serious problem once your SSD could not been recognize in BIOS, please unplug the cable and try it again. there's nothing we can do if the drive won't detect in BIOS.


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          My BIOS detects the drive for about 5 minutes before it crashes (I have to shut down in between each try).

          I am unable to update the firmware because of this, I don't seem to have enough time to update the SSD.


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            Dear Customer
            Do you have another system you can try on the SSD? or do you have any replacement hardware such as memory and hard drive which allow us to narrow down the issue from the motherboard/memory/SSD? Please update your bios to the latest version, if already there will want to clear the CMOS to see if it works after, you may please try to install only one module at a time to avoid the faulty module. The memory/motherboard/ssd may cause system crash as well, please keep us posted, we will be here for you if you need any assistance in the future, thank you


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              the overclocking may cause crash as well, thank you