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Falcon 128 dead after flashing 2030

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  • Falcon 128 dead after flashing 2030


    I flashed my Falcon 128 Go in order to get the 2030 firmware yesterday...

    After using the correct method in order to flash it (with a confirmation that the new firmware 2030 was correctly intaled), i tried to use it again...

    But it was impossible to use my Falcon 128 Go since the new firmware is intalled... it is dead
    - not recognized by the bios,
    - not recognized by windows and any other software I normaly use to format a Drive

    It is also impossible to reinstall the 1916 firmware... since the update 1916 doesnt work with this dead Falcon 128 !

    I bought my Falcon 128 in august 2009. I need help.

    Thanks in advance.


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    we are really sorry to hear that, once the SSD couldn't recognized by BIOS, the only solution was
    RMA, please contact our RMA department: