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Getting errors on Falcon 2 64G

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  • Getting errors on Falcon 2 64G

    I have a G.Skill Falcon II 64 GB (FM-25S2I-64GBFII) that is about 18 months old. It's used as my boot drive running Windows 7.
    About 6 months ago I started getting random BSODs about once a week. In the last 2 weeks I've been getting a lot of file errors and apps not running due to corrupt files.

    I'm concerned I have a failure imminent.

    I've checked the drive with CrystalDiskInfo and it shows health as mostly Bad (but occasionally Good and sometimes Unknown). The data in its stats window is greyed out and doesn't make any sense - lots of Unknown attribute names and Remaining life attributes, with these values ranging from 0 to 208.

    I've also checked with HD Tune. It shows no errors in an error scan, but shows nothing at all in the Health tab.

    Is there another tool I should use to check the drive's health?


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    you can checking the health by HDTune.

    also backup all of the important data always, and you can following the steps to secure erase
    the drive(firmware 1916 with clean function), and reinstall firmware 1916, then 2030.


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      I've run HDTune and it shows nothing in the health tab. In the SMART log, it's only showing entries for the day the drive was first installed (20 months ago). If it can't update the health status, doesn't that in itself indicate a problem?

      Since this drive is my system drive, I don't really want to go through the hassle of installing two firmware upgrades if the problem is actually hardware. There must be a way to tell where the problem is.


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        were you using the latest version of HDTune? because using HDTune is the fastest way to know about it!


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          I downloaded a couple of days ago. HD Tune Pro 5.00


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            HD Tune should be able to see the health status, but most of the time when you see errors,
            secure erase and re-install the firmware is the only way to save your performance.