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    My SSD Phoenix Evo 115GB started having problems about a month ago whereby if the computer sat "dormant" for about five minutes it would blue screen crash and try to reboot. Upon reboot, it would stall before loading (windows 7). I would have to do a hard shut down and restart where it would allow me to start normal or in safe mode and run fine.

    Last week I closed the laptop lid without shutting down. The next day when I tried to turn it on, it stalled at the same place it did on auto re-boot and continues to stall at the same place no matter how many times I try to reboot. I cannot start in windows safe mode and it will not allow me to even access the BIOS. I tried the original optical drive and the computer works fine so there are no hardware issues. Is the SSD completely toast or is there something I can do to recover the data files?



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    update the latest version of BIOS and try it again, also install to other computer as a second storage drive to save the data, after that please follow the sticky thread to secure erase the drive and re-install the firmware.


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      Phoenix Evo 115 GB fail

      Ok - I'm a complete novice at this and just lucky enough to know what the BIOS is. I assume the BIOS is on the hardware and won't matter which hard drive is installed. I will read up on how to update it but may have to ask questions. As far as using as second storage device, I tried that but alternate computer was unable to read the drive once plugged in. Any suggestions, or am I really screwed on this?

      Will figure out how and worry about reinstalling firmware if/ after I get data off the drive.


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        once you reinstall the firmware, all of the data will be erase, and if you can't find the drive in BIOS, only only solution is RMA.