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Phoenix Pro sometimes not recognized on boot

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  • Phoenix Pro sometimes not recognized on boot

    Last year I bought from an Ebay seller an G.Skill Phoenix Pro SSD (FM-25S2S-120GBP2), but after some months the SSD came up with a strange behavior, sometimes the motherboard recognize it, and sometimes doesn?t, so I have to reboot the system, replug the cables, and it works.

    While the Windows is running, there is no system freeze or other problem, everything is normal since I don?t shutdown or restart the computer.

    My question is, I live in Brazil, I don?t think that have G.skill support here, and since I?ve bought the ssd from ebay and don?t have the original invoice, can I RMA my drive?

    Thanks in advance.

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    hi rogiwara,

    yes, you can email to and ask for the replacement!
    but i never hear about his kind of issue, please update the BIOS for your motherboard and try again, it sounds like your motherboard have some issue about reboot!
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      I tried the BIOS update and change the ssd's place, now the problem is gone, thanks!