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[only for Falcon Series]wiper.exe - TRIM COMMAND for Falcon Series SSD

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  • [only for Falcon Series]wiper.exe - TRIM COMMAND for Falcon Series SSD

    !!!This is for Falcon Series ONLY!!!

    Before you download wiper.exe, please make sure you have read the user manual below. G.Skill is not responsible for restoring the data loss caused by using this application.

    1. There are risks of losing data after running this application. Please be cautious to use it. And please back up the data in SSD before running this application.
    2. Wiper can only be executed in SINGLE DRIVE, with no RAID or other disks, or in Disk 0*.
    3. It can only be executed in Windows XP (32 bit)/Windows Vista(32/64 bit)/Windows 7(32/64 bit).
    It would be better to run in 32bit OS.

    * If you want to execute wiper.exe, you need to only install Falcon SSD in your machine. Then there has to be OS installed in Falcon SSD to run wiper.exe. Or the Falcon SSD has to be the first disk in your machine. Here is the example of disk configuration of Disk 0:

    ※Here is the screenshot of running wiper execution:

    ※Here is the direct download link of wiper:

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    wiper.exe - also called trim command. If the Falcon SSD drive gets slower, use the trim cmmand to help recover the speed.