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phoenix pro 60gb, dead?

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  • phoenix pro 60gb, dead?

    i'm having a serious problem...
    I recently bought a ssd 60gb phoenix pro... and the first problem was: bios not detect it... then bios ahci mode dected "hardisk 25 gb" but still can't see it in my system
    i tried to do a lot of things... and nothing works
    if i boot with ssd plugged, i get a message: "2nd, 3rd, 4th, master hard disk error",
    depending on wich sata port is... system never boots.

    ssd is clean, then why bios show just like "hard disk 25gb"? is the disk dead?
    can you help me please?

    best regards! & sorry for my english.

    asus m4a785-M motherboard
    amd athlon II x4 630
    4 gb ram 800mhz
    1 tb hdd samsung f3
    768mb galaxy geforce gtx 460 gc
    windows 7 ultimate 64 bits OS
    BIos & Drivers Updated.

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    Let me try to understand

    you bought a new ssd 60 gb phoenix pro

    plug it and boot your pc

    but bios don't detect the ssd right?

    Then you set the sata port to ahci mod and it show hardisk 25gb? Don't know if you got any other drive plug in but can't be your ssd drive if you said is a clean ssd.

    In your window system you don't see the drive right?

    Correct me if im wrong.

    First of all since if its a new drive (if not dont follow step)
    you have to go to panel configuration -> system -> administration tool -> create partition and format check if your drive appear there might need to convert it to ntfs for window to see it.

    Second if the first step was not for you then check if when you switch to ahci mod if it affect the right sata port your ssd is plug in. Like my motherboard i can select which port i want to be in ahci mod well depend of bios and motherboard.

    third you can update your bios maybe some correction have been had on bios and could affect on detecting ssd.


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      Hi mrdarker1,

      if BIOS can't recognize SSD, please RMA it.
      I am sorry.


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        DarkVision, Gskill, thanks for the answers.

        i can't see the ssd in the disk management windows.
        Bios, before and affter updating still detecting "hard disk 25gb"

        Gskill says RMA it.
        i know this process takes time... i think i will.
        what i have to do?

        thanks again for everything.


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          how RMA works?
          can you tell me please?


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            Please visit our official website.

            G.SKILL RMA procedure


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              I had identical problem with (64gb ssd g.skill falocon), the BIOS does not recognize the SSD, so I got a jumper on the SSD and put the pins in the dock alongside SATA, BIOS recognized, so I did Reflash the firmware, like it:



              -put the disc as data (like SLAVE)(secundary on another PC)
              -admin autorization run on aplications

              sorry my english.


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                Thanks, Rich


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                  Rich, Thanks for the answer.

                  i can't see any jumper on my ssd. i think the falcon has one, but not the phoenix

                  I now have an RMA number, i tried to send it,
                  what's does freight prepaid mean?

                  I tried to send it
                  paying shipping both ways
                  but fedex staff told me to do that I need to open an account!

                  which is the correct way to send?


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                    Hi Madarker1,

                    you don't have to pay shipping both way.
                    the shipping fee is paid by sender.


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                      dear friends,
                      i sent the ssd 10 days ago... my tracking number says "delivered, apr. 5 2011 10:15 am"

                      rma has not contacted me yet.
                      I have been in contact with them but I have received no reply.

                      what can i do?

                      best regards!


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                        please provide me your RMA number, I will check for you.


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                          i hope you can help men!!

                          best regards!


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                            Hi mrdarker1,

                            I have already informed our branch of USA, they would contact with you.