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Need advice on Phoenix Pro 120 GB Driver. No RAID config.

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  • Need advice on Phoenix Pro 120 GB Driver. No RAID config.

    I have a new Phoenix Pro 120 GB SSD, i7 950 Proc, 12 GB RAM, GIGABYTE x58A-UD3R MOBO (Intel ICH10R), and WD Caviar Black 1 TB HDD. I initiall installed Win 7 Pro 64 bit with default settings. I then changed to AHCI with reg fix from MS and then enabled the TRIM function with modification from forum ( I had a software issue and had to do a System Image recover (did not reformat drive). All seems fine, other than I am not getting the best performance, and I am wondering if I should install the Intel RST driver? Will I see a better perfomance even though I am not using RAID? It says on Intel site that RST is not needed if using Win 7 without RAID. With just one SSD and one HDD, will I have any benefit with updating driver to Intel RST? Can I just update the driver through Device Manager without having to reinstall windows? Shoudl I reformat the SSD again?

    I am new to SSD technology so any advice is appreciated. ANy links to drivers or utilities I should instal is also appreciated.


    CrystalDiskMark 3.0 x64 (C) 2007-2010 hiyohiyo
    Crystal Dew World :
    * MB/s = 1,000,000 byte/s [SATA/300 = 300,000,000 byte/s]

    Sequential Read : 215.211 MB/s
    Sequential Write : 86.161 MB/s
    Random Read 512KB : 209.401 MB/s
    Random Write 512KB : 79.845 MB/s
    Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 26.188 MB/s [ 6393.6 IOPS]
    Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 59.191 MB/s [ 14450.9 IOPS]
    Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 173.184 MB/s [ 42281.2 IOPS]
    Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 82.193 MB/s [ 20066.8 IOPS]

    Test : 100 MB [C: 42.9% (47.9/111.7 GB)] (x2)
    Date : 2010/12/12 12:53:00
    OS : Windows 7 [6.1 Build 7600] (x64)
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    heres a link

    Try this guide. all benchmarks are usually posted with achi enabled esp with intel systems. This gudie that i found seems to cater to intel


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      Intel RST Drived needed if not using RAID?

      SO if I am not using RAID, do I need to use the Intel RST driver? Is there any performance benefit? Right now my write scores are not best, but my WEI score is 7.5 using native AHCI drivers in Win 7.


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        About the drivers

        I am right now testing drivers in and out of RAID...

        On a single disk, RST drivers do the same job as the stock Win7 driver. On RAID, they provide a great improvement as will be shown in the end article on my site...cant post them here.


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          you can add the RST drivers if you dont find them to be better you can activate the windows default achi driver. There is a guide out to enabling mircosoft just google it.


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            Reg Fix Needed?

            I just installed RST and I got basically same results. AM I OK to leave it running? My write times are very low it seems. Also, if I leave Intel RST enabled, do I still need the TRIM fix added to registry that I manually added when using Native driver (DSMDataSizeCapInBlocks)? See

            CrystalDiskMark 3.0 x64 (C) 2007-2010 hiyohiyo
            Crystal Dew World :
            * MB/s = 1,000,000 byte/s [SATA/300 = 300,000,000 byte/s]

            Sequential Read : 217.547 MB/s
            Sequential Write : 85.195 MB/s
            Random Read 512KB : 210.690 MB/s
            Random Write 512KB : 83.207 MB/s
            Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 27.607 MB/s [ 6739.9 IOPS]
            Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 61.802 MB/s [ 15088.3 IOPS]
            Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 176.247 MB/s [ 43029.0 IOPS]
            Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 76.823 MB/s [ 18755.7 IOPS]

            Test : 100 MB [C: 43.0% (48.0/111.7 GB)] (x2)
            Date : 2010/12/12 15:49:17
            OS : Windows 7 [6.1 Build 7600] (x64)


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     Intel RST

              I have the Intel RST installed. Should I remove the line from the registry noted here? WIll TRIM still work with it removed?


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                check trim

                1. Using the Start Menu Search Box, Search CMD;
                2. Right click the Cmd Program and select Run as Administrator;
                3. In the command line type ?fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify?
                If DisableDeleteNotify=0 TRIM is Enabled.
                If DisableDeleteNotify=1 TRIM is Disabled.


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                  new ssd program

                  this is ssd i have noticed that can manually start trim feature kinda like intel toolbox but uses Microsoft achi. I haven't had time to used the program. And it has a secure erase utility that can be used in windows.


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                    Recommended Tweaks

                    I incorporated most of the tweaks on this page. I will take a system image every week so I think it is safe to disable System Restore right? It hardly worked anyway.

                    Should I move my TEMP files and IE TEMP files to my HD drive? I heard CCleaner will not be able to clean files this way. I am not worried about space, so is it OK to leave them? ANy performance issues? I made Page File fixed 2 GB size and left on SSD. I am also wondering if I should do the 8. TURN OFF WINDOWS WRITE-CACHE BUFFER FLUSHING tweak with my PHoenix Pro 120 tweak on the page above?

                    How does this all sound?

                    Thanks for all the great feedback.


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                      Read Speed Better

                      Even though I am not using RAID, the updates Intel RST driver did help speed. TRIM looks like it is supported so I do not need to use the registry tweak in the SSD Forum here on G Skill correct? I removed that line from my registry as I am no longer using native MS AHCI.


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                        New Benchmarks look OK?

                        How do these latest Benchmarks look? I can't really do any more tests as I have done about 15 this week and better cool it for a while. What do you think?

                        AS SSD Benchmark 1.5.3784.37609
                        Name: FM-25S2S-120GBP2
                        Firmware: 3.1
                        Controller: iaStor
                        Offset: 103424 K - OK
                        Size: 111.79 GB
                        Date: 12/12/2010 9:42:21 PM
                        Read: 204.36 MB/s
                        Write: 90.73 MB/s
                        Read: 19.51 MB/s
                        Write: 53.14 MB/s
                        Read: 117.07 MB/s
                        Write: 74.31 MB/s
                        Access Times:
                        Read: 0.153 ms
                        Write: 0.238 ms
                        Read: 157
                        Write: 137
                        Total: 376


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                          Use the ATTO Disk Benchmark Test, that is what we used, it is more accurate and easier to compare. Different programs may have different results.

                          Thank you
                          GSKILL TECH