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PHOENIX PRO 60GB too slow...

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  • PHOENIX PRO 60GB too slow...

    hey i have a phoenix pro 60gb ssd but crystaldiskmark 3.0 shows it is much slower than it should be... can you help me?

    thx !

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    Hi MystBoy

    Which OS did you use?


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      I'm using win7 64bit
      I have already switchend to ahci mode and installed the hot fix bevore doing this.
      The ssd has one patition and it's the system patition.
      I also have 2 other normal hdd in my pc
      Thx for the fast reply
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        how did you set your OS?

        Did you use software( like ghost software) to recover OS?


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          ahci was dissabled during the instalation and i unpluged the other hdds cause a friend told me to do so.

          i used a win7 64bit ultimate cd to install the os.

          but i installed the hotfix for ahci and enabled it after the installation.


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            Hi MystBoy

            I think the best way for you is backup your DATA and erase your SSD.
            please visit our forum step to erase your SSD
            let me know does it work


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              shall i back up all my files erase my ssd and re install win7 or shall i make a dump with northon ghost erase my ssd and put the dump back on the ssd?

              sry my i don't exactly understand what opinion you mean cause my english is not the best im from austria...

              i will try it in the afternoon, cause i'm now at work and the ssd is in my home pc...

              would it help updating the firmware? i don't know what ersion it's curently running it's the same it was delivered with...
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                you can back up you file and erase your SSD then reinstall WIN 7