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GSkill Phoenix Pro 120 gig, hibernation fails in Windows 7

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  • GSkill Phoenix Pro 120 gig, hibernation fails in Windows 7

    OS: Windows 7 x32 Pro
    Acer Aspire One model: D250-1064
    GSkill Phoenix Pro 120 Gig

    Unable to install Windows 7 if BIOS is set to IDE mode.
    Set BIOS to AHCI for hard drive, was able to install Windows 7 without any issues.

    System goes into Sleep mode and comes out ok.
    System goes into Hibernate mode, blue screen, hard crash, sometimes corrupts data.

    Is there a reason I cannot go into Hibernate mode with this SSD and Windows 7? Is there some driver or a setting I am missing?

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    One of the tweaks i saw online was to shut off hibernate...

    I wonder if this is the reason why...



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      Hi guys

      We have noticed this issue and we have done some tested already.
      first please check your sata driver, we found if it is not Microsoft native driver, use hibernation will cause crash
      but if we use IDE mode, it will not get any problem, so we guess this problem is AHCI driver.

      By the way, i have to say sorry to Venomhed, I wrote wrong info on mail