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Can I resize a partition on an SSD Drive?

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  • Can I resize a partition on an SSD Drive?

    Just installed the Phoenix Pro 120GB drive. I used Acronis Home 2010 to copy the Windows 7 partition from the WD Black 640 drive. The W7 partition was 68GB and for some reason Acronis left it at 68GB on the SSD Drive. All is working as it should except....I have 40GB or so of unused SSD space. Can I let W7 Disk Manager expand the partition to say 100GB? I read somewhere that it is not a bad idea to make a partition smaller that the capacity of the SSD Drive so that the SSD controller has even more space to use as the drive deteriorates.

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    Hi Ken429

    I think expand the partition will not affect the performance or SSD's life.
    for SSD's controller, it still is one full capacity SSD.
    Nomatter you partition one, two or more spaces.