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Phoinex Pro - low performance after use...

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  • Phoinex Pro - low performance after use...


    I'm running a 60 GB Phoinex Pro connected to a MSI P45-motherboard. I have AHCI enabled (and Intel Rapid Storage-driver installed).

    I have tried to format the drive using hdparm. Should this operation just take a second? The feedback I get is the same as G.Skills guide. Performance seemed to went up a bit after this, but with some more (quite heavy) use, it goes down...

    I have updated the firmware.

    When looking at the benchmarks from G.Skill and some others I'm not close to the performance.

    In AS SSD I get 95MB/sec in seq. write perfomance. Also in Crystal Diskmark the performance is on the same level. But after some more use the write-speed goes down now to 60-65 MB/sec.

    I also have a Crucial C300. With the same use on the same system, I havn't so far seen any decrease in performance.

    From what I understood, SF-1200 SSD's should support both Trim and have a internal "garbage collection", so that the performance should stay good....

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    screenshot from AS SSD:

    HD Tune:
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      Hi Falkend

      we have already noticed this issue and made sandforce awared.
      we hope the new firmware can solve this issue.
      this tool can make performance back.



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        I've allready used hdparm to "reset" performance. But after a couple of runs to my tests, it's back to what I've seen earlier :-\

        Do the drive need idle-time to recover with trim/gc after heavy use, or should that be done "on the fly"?


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          The Phoenix SSD should need idle-time to do the GC, and we are pushing Sandforce to improve this efficiency of its GC.
          We hope the later firmware update could solve it.