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[Only for Falcon] firmware 2030 released

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  • [Only for Falcon] firmware 2030 released

    Dear Customers,

    The Firmware Rer. 2030 is released.
    ──Change Note──
    Feature Add: User data scrambling capability was added.
    Bug Fix: More read fail scenarios were added to firmware bad block management.
    Bug Fix: ATA Security bug fixes.
    Other: For sleep/standby command, idle time garbage collection is better to be not started.
    Please backup your data of the target SSD for precaution before upgrading firmware!!

    1. Please set SATA as IDE mode in BIOS first before upgrading new firmware
    2. " Don't " use jumper for this upgrade.
    3.It's recommanded update from 1916 to 2030.

    Update Procedure─
    1. Download and extract the new firmware to an bootable USB stick.

    2. Boot from that USB and go to the path where your firmware files locate.
    Keyin the file name which is correspondent with the capacity of your target SSD
    and press enter to run.

    keyin "y" without quote to find the target SSD.

    3. The program will list the SSD it detect. Keyin the target SSD number on the prompt and press enter.

    4. If it successfully upgrade, you will see a sucessful message.
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    5. If the program is not the porper one, you will see the error message.

    6. If updater can't find any SSD, please check the cable,SATA mode, SATA port....etc. Then run Step 2~Step 3 again.

    Afte successfully upgrading, reboot your computer and your SSD is ready to serve you with the Rev. 2030 firmware!

    Download FW 2030
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