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Use GParted to secure erase SSD

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  • Use GParted to secure erase SSD

    Dear Customers,

    Because some of you encountered failed while use HDDerase to secure erase SSD, so i post this guide use another tool : GParted.

    Secure erasing your SSD will wipe all data on your SSD, please backup your data before processing secure erase.

    1. From this website you can create a bootable CD/DVD/USB contains Gparted.

    2. Boot from the media you create from step 1 and you will see the screen:

    select the default option then Press enter

    3. After loading files, select the default "Don't touch keymap" then press enter.

    4. select the language you want to use and press enter, the default is US English.

    5. Display mode choosen, select default '0' and press enter.
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    5.1 if you can't get into the GParted desktop after step 5, restart and redo step 1~4, then choose '1' in step 5 then press enter. You will see the screen

    choose the proper display size, the lower is more compatible. Then press enter.

    5.2 keyin the driver of your vedio card, Ex. 'nv' , 'ati'...., then press enter.

    5.3 select the color depth you like, then press enter.

    6. After proper settings, now we get the Gparted work. You can see the Gparted window, select your target SSD and get its ID in the top-right that we will use later.
    Here i use a phoenix Pro 60GB and its ID shown in GParted is /dev/sda


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      7. Run the terminal icon on desktop and keyin "hdparm --security-erase NULL /dev/xxx" without quotes. "/dev/xxx" is your SSD you get from step 6 and here i keyin /dev/sda.

      Then press enter.

      8. After issuing SECURITY_ERASE command successfully, the task is finished.

      Take your SSD back to work with the optimization in forum, and enjoy it.

      If you have any problem, please feel free to tell me.