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Performance Optimization for Phoenix Series

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  • Performance Optimization for Phoenix Series

    This Guide shows how to configure your system to optimize performance of your phoenix series SSD~

    ? Run system in AHCI mode in BIOS
    ? Use Intel Matrix Storage Manager AHCI driver
    ? Align partitions to 4KB boundaries (See using Diskpar to align partitions, if you create partition under windows 7, your disk will be aligned automatically)

    How to set an aligned offset using DiskPart.exe

    DiskPart can be downloaded free here:

    Before you running diskpart, back up all data on the target phoenix SSD and delete all partition on it.

    From a command prompt window:
    1. Run Diskpart
    2. keyin "List Disk", press "Enter"
    3. Select the appropriate Disk
    4. keyin "Create partition primary align = 64", press "Enter"
    5. Close command prompt