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Is it your SSD or your SATA cable?

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  • Is it your SSD or your SATA cable?

    Hi all,

    I thought I'd share my experience with this new 64GB Falcon II SSD that I purchased about 1 month ago.

    I have experienced similar problems as some of the issues I've seen online:

    worked for a week and then failed.
    I performed a full windows 7 reinstall with no errors at all & everything worked fine for about 3 days & then bsod.
    Try to boot, and: Bootmgr is missing or corrupt. Reconnected sata connectors, and changed ports on the mobo.
    Sometimes, its: ntoskrnl.exe not found. I'm thinking the drive is toast.
    Firmware update using my xp machine (couldn't get the update working on the xp machine). Definitely toast.
    Restored my win7 backup image to an ide drive and flashed the firmware of the ssd as a secondary. Hey it worked, that's weird.

    Full fresh reinstall of win7 again, no errors encountered. Ok, double weird.
    Same day as the reinstall, boot failures again.

    Downloaded the RMA forms, but just to be thorough, decided to replace all other potential problem points before sending it back.

    My solution was as simple as changing the cable out. This is a working cable. Yes, it works on other sata drives, but it does not work on the ssd. This is why I prematurely ruled it out as a problem earlier as I was using it with a different (non sdd) drive flawlessly.

    If you look closely on the connector, you can see that the thin plastic that holds the clip holding the sata connector to the drive is about 0.3mm (yes about 1/3 of 1mm) wider at the centre than on the sides. It is very slightly bowed. I hadn't noticed when looking at the cable, I only saw it in comparison to another sata cable I held it up against.

    Changed the cable with a new one that didn't come with the mobo and system booted immediately. Everything has been perfect ever since.

    The main points are that even though the cable is faulty, system restore worked perfectly, windows 7 reinstall worked, the system worked for several days, & then failed.

    Make sure your cable is bulletproof with these drives, they seem to be extremely sensitive to any slight imperfections.

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    had the same dam problem with my netbook
    took the hp repairs along time to find the problem as every ting pass on the tests
    I also had smellier problem with the power cable
    but it fried everything