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[ONLY for Falcon SSD]Firmware 1916 Released

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  • [ONLY for Falcon SSD]Firmware 1916 Released

    Dear all~

    We apologized for the long time you've waited for the new firmware 1916.
    We would like to release a firmware which is stable enough and improves the bugs before.
    That's why we release it late.
    Now here it is.
    Change Logs:

    Bug Fix: Early performance drop issue in quite clean state. This problem is fixed with changing weak dynamic wear leveling parameter

    Feature Add: Initial check in for Enhanced Security Erase feature. It is disabled for normal firmware release and needs enhancement.

    Bug Fix: AMI BIOS identified 8GB drive as 0MB size. To work around this issue, LBA48bit support is disabled for 8GB or smaller drive.

    As for Falcon II firmware, there is still stability and compatibility issue not solved.
    We hope it will be fixed soon.

    The way of updating firmware is the same as firmware 1819 below:

    YouTube Video:

    Notice details in description.

    After downloading this firmware updating application, please extract it first

    Install Falcon SSD, plug the jumper and turn on your machine.
    Right click "Upgrade_AP.exe," and choose "Run as administrator"

    Once the application is loaded, select your G.Skill SSD model (take Falcon 128GB for example)

    Then press "Upgrade F/W" button to upgrade new firmware

    Remember to remove the jumper after upgrading firmware

    Download G.Skill Falcon Series SSD 1916 Firmware Upgrade AP

    *Please remember to back up your data is SSD before upgrading new firmware.
    After upgrading firmware, the partition will be deleted.
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    If you are getting an error message of "Upgrade Failed, please choose the right parameter for your SSD", you may have bad blocks on the SSD. There are many causes for this since most operating systems will still treat the SSD as normal drive unless you make the proper manual adjustments. If you encounter this error, your best option is to send the drive in for a new fresh replacement.

    Here are some benchmarks to show the difference between a slightly older beta FW and v1916

    Notice the improvement in consistency, although random burst rate is slightly reduced.

    Thank you
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