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Easy way of discovering latest firmware version

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  • Easy way of discovering latest firmware version

    I have a new Falcon II 64Gb. My reading here seems to indicate that a firmware update requires wiping the drive, so it makes sense to apply any required update before installing an OS.

    My reading on this forum seems to indicate that 1881 (which I have) is the current version and that another is due soon. However, I'd have thought that the G.Skill website, or a sticky on this forum would list information such as this in an easy to find place.

    1. Can someone confirm for me that 1881 is the current version?
    2. If there is a place where I can go to find a list of current firmware versions for the various drives, could someone post that as well?



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    i just also got a falcon, but the first gen, falcon 1, it also has 1881 firmware...


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      the latest firmware that G.Skill has made public is FW 1819

      I hear 1881 has a few extra bug fixes but don't know why G.Skill has not made this available for download


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        there is no update yet for falcon 2 only falcon gen 1 you can brick your drive if you try and update it using the falcon 1 FW


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          wtf falcon 1 with 1881 !!! ....


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            here are the release notes for FW 1881 (from the Patriot website)

            Bug Fix: Occasional firmware download failure bug fixed
            * Bug Fix: Incorrect 2-plane addressing bug fix for specific NAND chips
            * Bug Fix: IRQ stack overflow bug fixed
            * Bug Fix: (for 1819 firmware), Wiper performance was slower than 1571 firmware revision
            * Bug Fix: Power cycle count was always 0 in 1819 firmware
            * Bug Fix: Specific SATA Gen I host caused SATA hardware buffer ID error
            * Other: Enabled additional blocks over 4095th block for specific NAND chips
            * Other: Enabled NAND BIST function for specific NAND chips
            * Other: Copy back delay was adjusted to support specific NAND chips
            * Bug Fix: Wear leveling bug fixed for specific NAND chips
            * Bug Fix: Free block count may become 0 after a lot of power cycling
            * Bug Fix: SMART information - Remaining life was not 100% after firmware download
            * Bug Fix: Flush should not check IDNF
            * Other: Erase count distribution was improved
            * Other: New NAND support was added


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              the 1916 firmware for Falcon is released today



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                falcon 1 will not have 1881 falcon 1 did not have this FW. adn it was never offered buy gskill so
                offtopic it's about time for FW1916. and @titus you can't trust other sites FW wiper did not even work in gskill's 1819. but it did work on 1848 which is the same FW just from a-data for the s592 just change slightly by a-data.

                EDIT outta of the mouth of gskill As for Falcon II firmware, there is still stability and compatibility issue not solved.
                We hope it will be fixed soon.
                don't mix FW you can brick your drive use hdtune to tell which ssd you have with what FW is on it. oh an thanks g skill it really does not get any easier

                EDIT after checking falcon 1 never got this released from gskill. they went right from 1819 to 1916 there was no 1881 for falcon's. and don't trust another company's FW because they change them for each company. jm2cents
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                  well then i should have taken a screenie mr. expert.


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                    please give me a link to the gskill download for FW 1881. and i am no expert i am going by what g skill gives you. facts are all the FW comes form indilinx and then each company test and tweaks it them self's. that means that yes there is a fw 1881 but from what I can tell gskill did not use it

                    Here a thought did you think that maybe it shipped like that from the factory and got missed by gskill

                    facts there is no download for the FW1881. please prove me wrong so i can test it because i have gone back to FW 1571 because it gets way better performance.


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                      there is no download for it. i got the falcon 1 just last tuesday and that was the firmware that was on it...


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                        hence it shipped from the factory that way because gskill does not use 1881( they missed updating it's FW). you know that they don't make them them-self's. all indilinx ssd's are pretty much the same. i even bet they make them all in the same place ( wouldn't surprise me at all )
                        hence it was shipped from where there made and had the only up to date FW was the indilinx 1881