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Win7 Installation Problem on G.Skill 128GB SD, FM-25S2S-12GB, SATA-2

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  • Win7 Installation Problem on G.Skill 128GB SD, FM-25S2S-12GB, SATA-2

    1. Problem: Win7 Installation and G.Skill 128GB SD, FM-25S2S-12GB, SATA-2, S/N 9020000051991

    2. Scenario: Installation of Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) freezes during the installation process. Safe Boot stops at ClassPNP.sys

    3. Action Taken: About 10 hours of various partitioning, formatting, and installation of Windows 7 Ultimate on the SSD. Including various BIOS settings for the Intel Matrix SATA. Also, Flashing the BIOS of the motherboard with the most recent version.

    Booting from Win7 CD and installing files from the CD works file. It just freezes during the startup of the operating system itself. Then, restarting the system in Win7 Safe Mode from the SSD results in the freeze at ClassPNP.sys and stating that Windos cannot complete install in Safe Mode. In normal mode, the screen is black at this point.

    4. Equipment:

    SSD: G.Skill 128GB SD, FM-25S2S-12GB, SATA-2, S/N 9020000051991, Does not say Falcon on top, and has USB connector.

    Motherboard: Intel intel 975xbx2, Latest Firmware, Using the Intel Matrix SATA port 0 (Black Color Port, Not the Blue Marvell Ports). Matrix is current set to RAID in BIOS. But, have already tried all other setting as well.

    No other hard drives installed (to reduce potential for problems).

    5. Note: BS in Engineering, MIS, MCSE, etc. Normally considered pretty intelligent in technology. Not fast to complain to technical support.

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    I have 2 possible solutions:
    1. Make absolutely sure that the cable is tight.
    2. Replace the cable.

    If neither of these possible solutions work, then I suppose it's possible that there could be something wrong with the drive.


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      Thanks. But, I already tried this. No luck.


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        just curious, in normal boot mode, for how long did you wait for that black screen to go ? often with vista or win 7, we think that everything is frozen while in fact it's not.. it can take up to 5 minutes to start working again.

        my 2 cents


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          I left it for at least an hour. During the first time installation, I understand that sometimes it appears to be frozen. So, I went to McDonalds to give it a chance to sort itself luck


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            so, it seem like win 7 installation is stopping while trying to load a driver... not sure it has something to do with the SSD.. would be nice if you could test the SSD in another computer that has another chipset. Bummer hey !