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Falcon 128GB Problem

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  • Falcon 128GB Problem


    i bought a Falcon SSD 128GB in 2009 and last year it started to disrupt.

    Not showing in BIOS and to solve i have had to write a new firmware losing all data.

    But now it started to disrupt after 1 or 2 weeks, no matter if firmware is 1916 or 2030.

    Did everything, low format, firmware downgrade but this problem occurs frequently. Losing all data.

    System specs:

    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bits, Memory 4GB DDR2, motherboard ASUS, Processor Phenom Triple Core.

    This SSD was working well until 2014. This problem started in 2015 and now it started to disrupt every week.

    Lost my SSD? Are there anything that could i do to recover it?


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    Try a recovery software to see if you can recover files


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      I have same issue with a Falcon 64GB SSD. Until a month ago it had been rock solid for several years, Now it disappears and cannot be seen until I put the jumper on it, boot from USB and Clean/Flash it to firmware 1916, take off jumper, boot with USB of the "Boot CD Image" and then Flash firmware 2030.

      I restore Windows OS from backup onto drive and all works fine for a few days, and then it just disappears again.

      I have run diagnostics on the disk and it never finds any errors or problems. Does the part of the SSD that stores the firmware just not able to save it's config anymore? The Clean function doesn't indicate any bad blocks, Is there any fix for this?


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        Hi guys,

        I suspect that many of this generation SSD is starting to fail.

        I have a Falcon 128GB installed in Mac Mini which just yesterday started playing up. The system froze and required a manual power off. However when trying to boot up the system again it stalls at a white screen with a question mark which indicates an OS can not be found. I have taken the drive out and connected it to another Mac and a PC and tried to repair the file system and read the SMART info and this is what the drive is telling me:

        I cannot access the contents of the drive at all, both Mac and PC hangs when trying to mount or read/write to the drive. I can't run an error scan with HD Tune either as it gets stuck when starting.

        Based on these symptoms, I think the drive dead. I've had it since 2009 so I guess it's been a reasonable run. Does anyone know of a way to salvage the data from the drive? I think putting the jumper on and installing new FW and cleaning the drive would wipe the data


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          I'm gonna say no, since it appears to be a Firmware issue. I wouldn't expect any help from G.Skill as these are 1st gen SSD drives and out of warranty. I have mechanical HDs that are twice as old that are still running just fine. If you are going to buy SSDs, go and spend the extra $ for a top quality brand with a 10 year warranty like a SD Extreme. I have bought nearly every brand out there and as the years have gone by, the quality of most brands has decreased and most are now manufactured with the cheapest materials. It is very disappointing, but you get what you pay for.


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            You can always try recovery software to see if it can salvage any data. But depending on the status of the drive it may be tricky


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              Does any of the Falcon users have the wiper.exe utility that TRIMs the drive for non-TRIM operating systems. I dug up a older Falcon 128G and I need the wiper.exe for an XP machine that I am running for some software not supportable in Windows 7 and above.


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