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Little Thing Can Make a Big Difference...

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  • Little Thing Can Make a Big Difference...

    Several weeks ago I posted a time or two about my Falcon 64 SSD. At that time it was brand new and running numbers almost up to factory specs.

    Over the last several weeks, I have read, tweaked, wiped, etc. and watched as performance dropped to where the highest numbers were 150 or less.

    I was going back through things today and downloaded a fresh copy of just in case something had been updated. Installed it. Ran it -- the window opened and since my machine is super fast closed almost a quickly.

    I decided to run it again and when I right clicked to hit "Open" (I do that sometimes!!) I saw the "Run As Administrator" option and had the thought that sometimes things work with "Run As Administrator" that won't work otherwise. I am profiled as computer administrator as a user, but in Windows messed up security crud that's not the same as "Run As Administrator."

    When I clicked to "Run as Administrator" the black box opened, it showed four errors or some kind -----but then all of a sudden it showed the C: drive, and started "trimming" -- showing the percentage as the job completed. IT NEVER DID THAT BEFORE!!

    LESSON LEARNED. If you're not getting the screen showing the trim running, try running as administrator.

    After one trim, my performance went up from ~150 to over 200! Nuff said.


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    So, then do you have AHCI enabled?


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      No, ACHI is not enabled. My M3A76-CM has six SATA ports. With ACHI set I would only be able to use ports 1-4 via the BIOS, and would have to use a driver and OS to use all six.

      That haveing been said, I believe when I set "OnChip SATA Type" to "SATA" is like setting it to IDE in some other BIOSes.



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        AHCI killed my performance on the write side. Down about 10%.


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          Just upgraded to Win 7 for good.

          Did not change the way wiper.exe works for me at all. I still have to "Run as
          administrator" to get it to work.



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            How in the world did you not run it as admin ? It says so in sticky.


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              I run everything as "administrator" since my profile is set up with me that way.

              But we all know that in Vista and Win 7 there is "administrator" and there is "administrator."

              I have activated ADMINISTRATOR on all my systems now and and using it more to make sure that I have the level of authority needed.

              I blame MS for this problem.