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How to force PC to detect SSD when it's gone

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  • How to force PC to detect SSD when it's gone

    This is the way I've found reading in many many forums, to "force" PC to detect the SSD when you have the problem that SSD dissapears.

    It's useful because, if you can't make your PC to detect the disk, you can't even try to flash the firmware.

    1 - Turn on PC and let it boot completly.

    2 - Plug the SSD "ONLY" the power cable. "NOT" sata cable.

    3 - Wait around 10 / 20 minutes. Don't open any program or use PC because of the next step.

    4 - Plug SATA cable wait a few seconds and "RESET" pc in the "hard way" with reset button.

    5 - Don't let it boot. Enter right to BIOS. If you're lucky, SSD should be listed again.

    Now, from here, you have two options:

    1 - Let Windows start and then, try to flash firmware (any version you think could solve the problem, in my case, 4.0) with the official tool.

    2 - Use the boot CD provided by GSkill and do the firmware flash from command line.

    I did option 1. But only because I didn't know about the boot CD until today morning.

    Option 1 is not good enough because in the time Windows takes to load, SSD could dissapear. It happened to me many times until Windows detected SSD and I could flash the firmaware 4.0. When Windows loses the SSD, I unplugged the power cable. And, aftere plug it again, the SSD appears. So, I could do the flash.

    If I must do the process again, I'll use option 2.

    Hope this could be useful for anyone with this problem.