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  • Dead Falcon II

    I have a Falcon II FM-25S2I-64GBF2. It had firmware 2030 on it and was running fine.
    The other day, the SSD stopped being recognised in BIOS and I'm assuming I've lost all my data.

    If I put the jumoer on the SSD and boot, the laptop recognises the drive (as a 128Gb) but can't do anything with it. As soon as I remove the jumper, it's back to being unrecognised.

    I've tried formatting and updating the firmware again , but I just can't get the disk recognised without the jumper attached. I can't even boot from CD if the SSD is present without the jumper. I've tried various combinations with IDE and AHCI set.

    The same applies if I connect it as an external USB drive - it's not recognised with no jumper, and recognised as a 128Gb drive that can't be initialised with the jumper on.

    Please advise:
    1. How can I tell if the SSD is totally dead?
    2. If it's not dead, what are the steps to get it working again?

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    Please try the firmware 1916 with clean function, clean the SSD first, and then re-install 1916

    If these steps doesn't work, please contact our RMA department for replacement.


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      I have tried 1916 and couldn't get it to work (there are so many versions though and I don't know if I used the right one.).

      The drive is probably around 3 years old - is RMA still available?



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        Use the clean function first, then re-install 1916:

        As i know, the Falcon series is two year warantee, please note!