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Phoenix III SSD Not Getting Advertised Speeds

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  • Phoenix III SSD Not Getting Advertised Speeds


    I have recently purchased a Phoenix III SSD and according to Crystal Disk Mark, and ATTO Disk Benchmark, I only get 275/250 MB/s read/write MAX. I am using the latest firmware, and I have included screenshots with driver details and info about the motherboard.

    NOTE: According to this webpage, my southbridge is SATA III (6 GB/s) compatible.

    EDIT: I have a 240GB SSD, and a Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop, and Windows 7.

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    It looks like you're using the Microsoft OS drivers. If that is true, try using the AMD drivers instead.

    Fred Chateau


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      Please correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like those are display drivers? I installed them but they didn't change the driver for my SSD.
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        Not sure if this model could be compatible with SATA III or not, please kindly contact Compaq to ensure the compatibility as well, as we know the Phoenix III SSD could perform normally with any laptop who supported SATA III 6GB. Sorry for the inconvenient!


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          However, I installed Ubuntu on my SSD when I first used it, and I was getting SATA III speeds (514 mb/s read to be exact), so I sooner think that it has something to do with the drivers that I have installed (see my first post).


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            Hope i understanding right.... before update the drivers, the speeds were normal but it turned slow after drivers updated? If so, it could be a compatibility issue.

            Also, knowing how much "empty" space you have is a important thing in determining write performance, the speed will be slower if the capacity getting full.


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              I have not yet gotten full read/write speeds in Windows 7, but I did in Ubuntu.

              I have 63 GB of empty space left.

              Also: I just thought of this- would a partitioned drive be slower than one that is not partitioned? If so, that could be the issue.
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                This is the driver package you should be installing.

                AMD Embedded GPU and Chipset Vista/Win7 Driver

                It does contain graphics drivers but the chipset driver package should contain storage drivers too.

                Another thing to look for is whether you are connecting slow drives, such as DVD's, on the same AHCI controller. If so try disconnecting them while testing.

                Also, I agree that the SB-800 South Bridge is SATA III, so that's not the problem.


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                  Those are the drivers I installed.

                  My DVD drive and my SSD are not on the same AHCI controller.

                  Would only having 63 GB of storage open slow it down to that degree?

                  I also might add that my filesystem is NTFS.


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                    Another thought about partition alignment, please check the link below:



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                      I deleted TONS of HD video off of my SSD, and I now have 109GB of free storage left. I also have TRIM enabled, and I am still getting the same speeds. I am contemplating doing a fresh install of Windows.


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                        Please kindly let us know if you have same issue after the fresh install.