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[Patch] v1.00.27 Patch for DDR5 Platforms (Trident Z5 RGB)

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  • [Patch] v1.00.27 Patch for DDR5 Platforms (Trident Z5 RGB)

    ================================================== =
    Trident Z Lighting Control v1.00.29 has been released, which integrates support for the Trident Z5 RGB series DDR5 memory.

    Download page link:,-Z5-RGB

    Direct download link:

    If you install v1.00.29, then the v1.00.27 patch below is not needed.
    ================================================== =

    While we're working on a new software version update to fully integrate lighting control support for Trident Z5 RGB series, please use the following patch for v1.00.27 to fix any issues you may have with lighting control with Trident Z5 RGB DDR5 memory kits.

    Patch Download Link:

    Instructions can be found in the Readme file in the ZIP file, or a copy can be found below.

    To ensure that no other software conflicts with the patch process, please restart your computer before and after.

    This patch only works with TZLC v1.00.27. Any earlier or previous versions will not work.

    ================================================== =
    Readme (Instructions).txt
    ================================================== =

    Trident Z Lighting Control v1.00.27 Patch
    for Trident Z5 RGB series DDR5 Memory

    TZLC v1.00.27 download link:

    Patch using *.bat file

    1. Make sure to have TZLC v1.00.27 installed.
    2. Extract the "TZLC v1.00.27 Patch" folder to your desktop or a known location. (Do NOT edit any folder names)
    3. In the "TZLC v1.00.27 Patch" folder, double click "trident-z-lighting-control-v.1.00.27-patch.bat" file to run the patch.

    After patch is complete, open the TZLC software from your start menu or desktop shortcut. On the left side, the text under the memory icon should display "SYNC" if it is successfully patched.
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