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Your LED software is terrible

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  • Your LED software is terrible

    Can I set your LED's to a specific setting in firmware? Your software is terribly unsupported. Not to say your RAM is bad, on the contrary, I find it awesome. I just want the LED's to be off or fixed at a color and brightness that agrees with me. Is this possible?

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    Do you have the latest BIOS and lighting control software? What motherboard do you have?


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      ASUS 490-e Strix motherboard with the latest BIOS I also use iQUE (I realize it's a competitor but needed for my keyboard and mouse and motherboard). This all worked great, including RGB control of my old Corsair memory but the G.Skill memory is hugely faster/better. I tried both the .27 release and the .29 release of the G.Skill RGB software, they both appear to have the same limitations. Basically, if the ASUS motherboard RGB drivers are installed, it locks up the G.Skill RGB software where it will not open and I have not found a way to control the G.Skill memory any other way. IQue continues to work fine but of course, without the ASUS drivers, cannot control the motherboard. I've basically had to remove the ASUS motherboard RGB software which of course eliminates any ability to control all of the mobo's RGB functionality. The G.Skill software works great this way but the two don't play together and leaves the motherboard itself with no control of any of its RGB features except directly at the ASUS bios which I've unfortunately had to simply disable completely.


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        No point complaining they have ignored issues for years, syncing with own mainboard software causes very high cpu usage it pegs 1 thread at almost 100% on my 5950x and their own software causes issues with hwinfo when it reports memory hit -80c or or whatever random value obviously this is an error sub zero temps with ambient temps of 25c keep dreaming, They just keep forwarding you to Asus while their own software is ****, they should take lesons from Corsair and make it so their software is required to sync in armoury crate so the asus rgb software communicates with gskill software then sends rgb signal properly, since Asus cannot properly communicate directly with g skill rgb eitherway to think they advertise it to be compatible when in reality it is not, they do not even respond for months here take months to respond to an e-mail then shift blame just like a scammer would, g skill has good ram but awfull rgb and then there is corsair they have good rgb but terrible memory usually very lose timings which is quite depressing.


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          Look at all these issues gskill software causes ambient temp is never below 20c in my room btw *hint* for if you wonder if these temps are real
          Click image for larger version

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          It sure is nice to be ignored when i do complain