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  • Ram disappeared from software

    Recently, my ram totally disappeared from the Gskill rgb software, then it disappeared from the asrock software, now I got a new mobo to try and it doesn’t show up in msi either. Tested in my friends asus and same result. It has always had issues getting out of sync and every time I’ve reached out to Gskill the phone people say email support, but it takes forever to get an email back and they never help me. I followed all the delete, reinstall steps over and over again. Everything works fine but the rgb so I’ve held my tongue a bit. Now I’m in a new build, beautiful aesthetics minus the ram which is a bomb of puke unsychronized colors, I finally said I’m done with this and filled out an RMA form Friday. Such a disappointment.
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    So, got my RMA ram today... still doesn't show up in MSI dragon center / Mystic Light. CAN I PLEASE GET ANY HELP G.SKILL????