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  • TridentZ RGB control suggestion

    Thanks for adding me to the forum!

    I've been running my 3000MHz 16gb kit for nearly 2 years and after a long time of ignoring it , reinstalled the software.
    Works great and the music modes work even better since I updated my motherboard BIOS (X370 Asrock Killer SLI v5.10) from v3.3.

    So what I am hoping for is a selection to get each of the 5 zones per stick to run it's own 'EQ' zone; 1 the bass, 2-3 the mid range, 4-5 the treble (see the Desktop screenshot). We already control the LED intensity with how powerful the music playing responds and running custom color ranges per LED (e.g. rainbow colors as in the included image2) so getting frequency ranges assigned to control nodes would be the hard part.

    Effectively I wish to see an Audio visualizer implemented differently to the current selection. The current Music modes either slowly cycle through colors,pulse a static color over the whole module or pretend to pick 'correct' colors for the music beat.

    As a side note since most computers have RAM mounted vertically if you had x4 slots or more, the same 'audio visualizer' could happen from bottom to top. However since I presume most people only use x2 sticks that my suggestion would work better for single or dual stick configs.

    I can try explaining it a bit better tomorrow morning, I've had a long day and didn't want to forget about this suggestion in the morning.