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  • Installation Problem

    When going to install the software im getting a prompt "Do you want to completely remove the selected application and all of its components?" but when go through with it and try to run it again to install, I get the same prompt about uninstalling, it won't go through installation process. just a uninstall loop.

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    Same thing here.


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      Posting back because I finally got it fixed after another hour and a half of debugging. I used Revo Uninstaller Pro (trial) to Force Uninstall the app. I deleted the app traces from the registry as well as the stuff from the Uninstall menu. Basically the top and bottom parts of the files it found. I left all the middle stuff that didn't look related or have "gskill" in it. After that, I installed the new version and it's working. 1 stick isn't following orders, but that's standard fare with these things :P.


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        Did you just search gskill in the resistry? I went through it but I must have missed something. I'll try that program and see if it helps! Thanks!


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          I'd also like to know how you searched the registry? And/or what search terms you used.