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[Trident Z RGB Software BETA] Clean Uninstall Guide (for v1.00.08 BETA only)

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  • [Trident Z RGB Software BETA] Clean Uninstall Guide (for v1.00.08 BETA only)

    If you are seeing error messages like the one below, and the software can't open, please use the clean uninstall to remove the background service and software, so that the software can be correctly reinstalled.

    NOTE1: This guide is intended for the v1.00.08 beta version of the software only.

    NOTE2: For any uninstalls, please make sure to reboot after an uninstall. And then reinstall only after the reboot. Otherwise, there may be issues like the error message above.

    THIS IS FOR v1.00.08 beta ONLY. Please do NOT use this for v1.00.16 beta. To uninstall v1.00.16 beta, just uninstall from the Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs or execute the installer file in the v1.00.16 beta download package from the G.SKILL website.

    Things we need for a clean uninstall of the Trident Z RGB Control v1.00.08 BETA software:
    A. Download and extract the installer package. We will need the files in the installer package to perform a clean uninstall and reinstall the software. (Download link:
    B. Make sure the Trident Z RGB Control software is installed. This is required to uninstall the background service, and does not matter if you’re getting an error when trying to open the software.

    Tip: The software is installed if you see a shortcut icon on the desktop.

    To do a clean uninstall of the Trident Z RGB Control software, please follow the exact steps below:

    1. Go to the folder “Trident Z RGB Control v1.00.xx BETA\AsRogAuraService”, located in the installer package, and double click the “ARASUninstall.exe” file. (This is to uninstall the background service, which controls the lighting. This cannot be removed if the software is not installed.)

    2. Go to the folder “Trident Z RGB Control v1.00.xx BETA”, and double click the “Setup.exe” file to uninstall the software.

    3. Go to the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AsRogAuraService”, and delete the “1.00.01” folder. (This will remove files related to the background service.)

    4. Restart the computer. (IMPORTANT! This allows the uninstall process to complete. If the system is not restarted, then it may cause errors on the subsequent installs.)

    5. [If you choose to install the software again] Go to the “Trident Z RGB Control v1.00.xx BETA” folder and double click the “Setup.exe” file to install.

    6. Restart the computer after the software is installed. (IMPORTANT! This allows the installation process to complete, as well as letting the background service and software to properly initiate and function to control the lighting on the Trident Z RGB modules.)

    For a downloadable PDF version of this guide, please click HERE.

    If you have any memory modules not lighting up or "stuck" in a certain lighting, please follow the instructions above and after Step #6, please open the software and click on the "Default" button on the bottom right. The lighting should reset back to the default rainbow wave.

    If you are getting an error message about not being able to detect the memory modules, please make sure that 1) the motherboard BIOS is updated to the latest version, and 2) the memory modules are installed in the correct two slots. Alternate if needed. For example, try Slot 1+3 or Slot 2+4 combinations.
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