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Computer restarting, RAM unstable at rated speeds

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  • Computer restarting, RAM unstable at rated speeds


    So, title tells you part of the story. On any load, including videos and games, the computer shuts down and restarts. No BSOD, no Event Viewer log, nothing. Just down. Computer posts just fine with default XMP set to 3600.

    Parts list:
    Ryzen 3700x, stock cooler, not overclocked.
    Asrock x570 Steel Legend, running latest BIOS.
    G.Skill F4-3600C16D-16GTRG, listed under motherboard QVL, not overclocked, running at 1.35V.
    Asrock 5700 XT CHALLENGER D 8G, not overclocked.
    Antec 750W power supply.

    My first suspect is my RAM because MemTest64 crashes when running. Thing is, the timings should be just fine. I'm running XMP Profile 1, default timings. I've since reduced the RAM to 3400 instead of 3600 for stability's sake. No issues there so far. Windows Memory Diagnostic showed nothing. Reseated the sticks, just to be sure, and no change. I have not raised voltage past 1.35 and haven't touched SOC. Attached you'll find images taken from CPU-Z, Thaiphoon, and DRAM Calculator for Ryzen when calculated on safe. I am not using the timings or any of the settings from the calculator.

    Thank you in advanced.

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    Have you tried each module individually to see if one performs differently? Feel free to try slightly higher Voltages to see if it can improve stability. Should not be too far off as it POSTs fine.


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      I've reached what is very nearly stable. RAM runs fine in games and handles videos well but system restarts when testing using MemTest64 and MemTest86-USB. I'm tempted to RMA, but I've still got a week before the return period is up. I've got it at 1.365V and SOC is firmly on 1.085 and I won't budge that. I tested each module at default XMP settings, system was unstable regardless.


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        May want to try slightly higher Voltages to see if it is more stable, that way you know exactly where the limitation is.


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          I'll carefully step up the voltages. Is 1.4V still the max for DDR4? I'd prefer to leave some space between me and that voltage.


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            DRAM Voltage can be much higher as long as the system is attempting to use it. It only becomes a problem if the system must regulate too much excess Voltage.


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              Per G.Skill support, I'm going to RMA these. One stick wouldn't stabilize for love or money. The other was only mostly stable at 3600mhz, 1.45V and SoC at 1.090. If they don't work I'll RMA the motherboard and I'll keep going until every part is replaced if I need to. In spite of all of this, those sticks are still quick and very nice. I think I'll be sticking with G.Skill for a while if everything goes well.