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Mixing RAM. The only difference is the SIZE.

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  • Mixing RAM. The only difference is the SIZE.

    Hello I just bought new ram kit [Ripjaws V] F4-2800C15D-16GVSB - G.SKILL (8x2). Since my old one was more of the same [Ripjaws V] F4-2800C15D-8GVRB - G.SKILL (4x2) , same speed latency etc, with XMP profile enabled it is merely the same just the difference is the ram size. I was thinking of using it since no one is buying it off from me and let it covered in dust, is it possible for me to put it all together as 24gb? I have tried using it and i don't see any compatible issues as in crashes or blue screen etc. But maybe i'm just being lucky at the meantime and not seeing the possibility of destroying my PC in the future. Is there any downside to all of this in the long run? Should I just use the 16gb only without adding the 8gb? I hope somebody can explain to me about it since I don't really know much about PC stuff. Thanks in advance.

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    Up to you to try it and see what they can do together. We did not test at factory so we have no clue

    Let us know how it goes