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X470 & F4-3200C14D-32GTZ

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  • X470 & F4-3200C14D-32GTZ

    I'm going to buy a ryzen system with a gigabyte x470 aorus gaming7, i would like to use this gskill kit F4-3200C14D-32GTZ, 2x16gb, it's easy for me to buy here in italy, but i've seen that this kit it's not listed in gigabyte qvl, i need some advice, i could get some problems? I've seen a lot of people using in x370 systems, and someone in an asus ch x470, with manual settings.

    Thanks a lot


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    This is not a kit you will find on G.SKILLs QVL or someone official would recommend for your mainboard. However it is a popular kit for AM4 builds among enthusiasts regardless. It usually needs manual settings to reach DDR4-3200 on AM4. So the actual Vdimm needed might be a bit higher and it requires manual adjustment of sub-timings and/or some AMD specific settings.

    So would you rather have a plug and play experience or are you comfortable with manual testing and tweaking?
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      Thanks a lot for the answer,

      i'm used to manual configurations, so it will not be a problem, but i need to be sure that the kit will work in some way, at least at 3200, thanks again for your clarification


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        It will work at default settings, so DDR4-2133 CL15 1.2V.

        To reach DDR4-3200 you will very likely need manual settings, since XMP-Auto is not guaranteed to work. If you invest enough time and are either willing to raise Vdimm above 1.35V or relax timings a bit, then DDR4-3200 should be pretty safe to reach on any decent AM4 board. I don't have personal experience with your X470 Gaming7 and so can't comment on how good of a memclocker it is (but probably not too far behind the Crosshairs).
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          That kit will work fine on the X470 Gaming 7. You will want 1.38v for the RAM, set the first 4 timings manually, set the RAM multiplier to 32, and you will be good to go. Unlike most other X370/X470 motherboards, Gigabyte boards seem to be much more friendly with RAM not on the tested list.

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