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FlareX 3200 14 instability

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  • FlareX 3200 14 instability

    so i'm not sure if the problem is actually the RAM per se. here's my issue
    frostbite based games by EA, specifically dragon age inquisition and mass effect Andromeda consistently crash on my pc.

    quite by accident I discovered that running my RAM at default speed, 2400 timings of 16, these games run without a problem. but when I set the XMP profile (3200 timings of 14) I get DirectX errors blaming my Vega drivers, the games crash on initial load, sometimes when loading save games, occasionally when i'm able to actually get into a mission I can play for less than 10 mins until it crashes to desktop and sometimes it has even crashed to restart.

    I've checked, rechecked and reinstalled all software (including windows) multiple times by every clean method I could find. I've even moved to other drives to rule out a disk fault. I'm certain at this point the problem is NOT the drivers or the GPU, my other games run fine, Rise of the tomb raider, tomb raider 2013, Everspace, rainbow 6 siege, even origin based games, like ME3 work fine.

    So what causes this? is the frostbite game engine just not compatible with tight ram timings? is it a problem with the RAM/mobo combo? i'm running ab350n-wifi by gigabyte sapphire vega 56 ryzen 1600x sandisk SSD firecuda 2tb

    I've changed all of the in game settings with no change in crashes.

    I've briefly tried Overclocking the ram just to the 3200 speed at the 16 timings but it doesn't seem to take. when I log into windows CAM only ever shows me 3200 14s and 2400 16s nothing in between.

    anyway i'm looking for ANY information on this, if anyone plays other frostbite games with this ram/mobo and is having problems with timings. I realize this ram wasn't on my mobo compatibility list, though it didn't appear that gigabyte had tested this or updated their compatibility list in months after the AGESA bios updates so I got it taking the chance.

    my suspicion is that its not the mobo, because everything else works fine with the faster XMP profile enabled.

    please help.

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    If your motherboard is not listed in the G.SKILL QVL for the F4-3200C14D-16GFX, then you probably have to resort to full manual settings for DDR4-3200. This can also include the secondary and tertiary timings, amongst other settings. For the more popular AM4 models there are guides available in the WWW that cover how to properly set things up.

    If you don't want to go full manual, try to enable the XMP but then manually lower the DRAM frequency before saving and exiting. This way you keep the XMP timings and can work your way up to the memory frequnency limit with AUTO settings for your setup (probably DDR4-2933/3066).
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      hey thanks for that but the XMP profile works just fine. i'm able to get 3200 with the 14 timings.

      the problem is that I don't know why i'm getting DX errors. what causes that?