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F4-3200C16Q-16GRKD and Asus Z170-A

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  • F4-3200C16Q-16GRKD and Asus Z170-A


    I'd like to ask for help with configuring Asus z170-A with DDR4 DIMMs.
    I wasn't aware about any compatibility issues with motherboards and I've bought Ripjaws V Series F4-3200C16D-16GVR 16 GB (8 GBx2) DDR4 3200 MHz C16 1.35 V Memory Kit for my mobo. I couldn't go through POST with them so asked for advice on Asus live chat. I've got the QVL list from them and have found this model on the list: F4-3200C16Q-16GRK

    I've ordered this kit:
    It arrived today but I'm facing the same problem!
    I only connected the power, CPU and memory to check if the system starts at all. No luck.

    I'm reading on your website that this set is for X99 mobos, yet the same one is on Asus QVL list.
    I have i5 6600k.
    Do I need to replace it again?
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    I'm trying to boot with just one dimm and if I have it in A1 or A2 slots the ram led is on. If in B1 or B2 the boot disk led is on. Still can't pass the POST.
    I have only CPU, heatsink+fan, dimm and ssd hooked up.

    Is it a matter ob updating bios?