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Ripjaws V 32GB-3200 on X99 Sabertooth

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  • Ripjaws V 32GB-3200 on X99 Sabertooth

    Looking for some pointers on diagnosing the problem.

    I have a Core i7 5930k in an Asus X99 Sabertooth, along with a 4x8GB Ripjaws V 3200 16-16-16-36 Kit, and I'm pretty much unable to use anything but the default 2133 profile.

    As soon as I set XMP, the system refuses to boot - using memok to get me back into bios resets the ram to 1867Mhz.

    I can get it to boot at 2400-16-16-16-36 with 1.35v but no faster.

    This set up should be capable of way more, but I don't have spare components to swap in and out for testing.

    At 2133, windows memory diagnostics reports no errors.

    CPU is currently at default settings, but will OC quite happily as long as I leave the memory at 2133.

    Any suggestions?
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    Do you have the latest BIOS/EFI?

    Try manual settings instead of XMP and see how that works


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      Thanks for the reply, yes, BIOS is on 'SABERTOOTH X99 BIOS 3004' which is the latest version available from ASUS, but I had the same problem on the 1901 BIOS shipped with the board.

      With manual settings I've only got as far as 2400-16-16-16-36 with 1.35v, if I try the same with 2666, it won't POST, and I have to hit mem-ok to force it into a slower setting before I can get back into the BIOS. If I use the same timings with 1.2v it's ok most of the time, but occasionally won't POST.


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        Make sure any fast boot , performance enhance or etc. options are disabled in BIOS/EFI

        Can you post pictures of BIOS/EFI?