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RipjawsV vs. TridentZ Memory

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  • RipjawsV vs. TridentZ Memory

    Can someone please take the time to explain why one would choose RipjawsV vs. TridentZ (or vice versa) memory for their Z170 motherboard. What is the reason for two product lines? I understand in either case picking memory that has been tested with the particular MB I choose. I just have never seen a general explantion for the two separate designs. Thank you. John Hixson

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    one obvious difference is the height of the heatsink which Trident's higher than Ripjaws. you may face some problems using Trident with huge air coolers. second is i think Trident is cooler to have. the design is awesome.
    i know you maybe need more technical answers but i think these are at least two obvious differences that came to my mind.


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      I faced the same choice and in the end went for Ripjaws 5 F4-3200C16-8GVK (2x8GB). My main reason was that the Trident modules I can find on sale are all the GTZB types which have slacker timings than GTZ. GTZ had the same timings as Ripjaws 5, but weren't available when I was buying.

      I later found the specific Ripjaws kit I got had an unknown advantage, as it is 2 rank. From reviews elsewhere the similar Trident are single rank. For my uses, I find having 2 rank modules give better bandwidth for a given rated speed.


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        Different capacity can also change chip configuration