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The difference between GTZ and GTZB.

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  • The difference between GTZ and GTZB.

    Good morning,
    I'm new member here. From Poland.
    I have to give to rest my old computer -- so I'm in the process of a new one construction.
    It will be build on the mobo Asrock Z170 Extereme 4.
    (Sorry to say I will buy I5 6500 without "K" processor).
    But after studying Asrock site, I decided to implant 2x8Gb TridentZ 3000 MHz memory.
    Asrock is suggesting GTZ parts.
    I'm overclocker ignorant -- so I want only have fast working memory.
    Before my shopping I'd like to know: what is the difference between GTZ and GTZB type of memory? I'm asking because GTZB are cheaper.
    And second question: I'm not too smart in this area so: I wonder if 3000 MHz parts will work automatically with that frequency being installed on this mobo?
    Thanks for responce.

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    The chips used and timings are different.

    If you plan to use the 6500 CPU, you may be limited to 2666 or 2400 because it will struggle with 3000+.


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      Bad news

      Hi, it's bad news. I wanted to have TridentZ elements and they are faster than 2666 (frequency 2800 is the slowest, if I well know).

      So I've got probably three solutions:
      1. To buy 2800 and let them work with frequency 2666 or even 2400 (I don't want to waste money)
      2. To build my system with H170 chipset and 2133 MHz memory.
      3. To buy I5 6500K.
      The question is:
      I wonder if I won't overclock I5 will TridentZ 3000 + Z170 work with theirs nominal (3000) speed?
      (My grammar should be better. Probably. Sorry).


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        i5-6600K can handle DDR4-3000 with no CPU OC. Though performance is much better with OC, and if you get K for DDR4-3000, you may as well OC CPU too.