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Trident Z kit not stable at anything above 2200Mhz

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  • Trident Z kit not stable at anything above 2200Mhz

    Hey there!

    So I just built a new PC and these are the specs:

    PSU: Seasonic S12G 650W
    CPU: Intel 5820K
    Motherboard: Asus X99-S
    Memory: G.Skill 4x4GB DDR Trident Z 3200 Mhz memory (F4-3200C16Q-16GTZB)
    GPU: R9 380
    Storage: 1 Samsung 250GB 850 EVO SSD and 4 old HDDs
    Case: NZXT Noctis 450

    The memory kit looks absolutely gorgeous, but I have only managed to run it stably at 2200mhz. I'm using the memory on an asus X99-S and a 5820K. I can increase it to 2600mhz but I will get a "overclocking failed" message every time I turn on the pc. Going above 2600 won't even boot.

    BIOS is updated to latest version. The XMP profile is read correctly from the modules. The modules are supposed to run at 1.35v and at CL-16-18-18-38 and that's what the motherboard configures the modules to run at, so there's no discrepancy there.

    Increasing System Agent Voltage by 0.1v helped the pc to boot at 2800Mhz, and I even got into Windows but it froze soon after I launched a stability test. This is frustrating....

    What is causing the problem here? The CPU? The motherboard or the RAM itself? Should I RMA it?

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    Try one module at a time to see if you can get the system to work smoothly with a stick.

    Also, do you have the latest UEFI?

    You may need more System Agent Voltage.