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F3-1866C8D-16GTX + Gigabyte Z97MX-GAMING 5 + Intel core i7 4790k

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  • F3-1866C8D-16GTX + Gigabyte Z97MX-GAMING 5 + Intel core i7 4790k


    I just finished a new build. I ran a few OCCT tests. CPU maxed out was hitting 83deg.

    I reseated the cooler (Noctua U12s) and reapplied thermal paste. But exact same results again. I saw in a couple of threads on other sites that one of the solutions was to reduce the voltage of the RAM, which is rated at 1.6v. So I disabled XMP1 profile in BIOS. This solved the CPU temp problem–now it's hitting around 60-70 when maxed out in OCCT, and the RAM i running at 1.5v.

    However, back in BIOS, the G.Skill Trident X 1866MHz RAM is only running at 1333MHz. According to the G.Skill website, this RAM should be compatible with my system, but I can't run it at its rated freq., so it seems like a bit of a waste of cash for me: basically I paid extra for underperforming RAM

    So, I'm looking for advice how to get this RAM to run at 1866MHz without causing the CPU to heat up so much. Can I even run it at 1600MHz at 1.5v for example. Or can I tweak it for very tight timings at 1333Mhz running at 1.5v? Or would any of these things work?

    (Unfortunately I'm passed my 30 day return period so I'm stuck with it, or I have to try to sell it myself)

    Full system:
    Core i7 4790k
    16GB-Kit G.Skill TridentX PC3-14900U CL8-9-9-24
    Gigabyte Z97MX Gaming 5
    Gigabyte GTX 970 Gaming 1
    Noctua U12S
    Samsung Evo 840 250GB
    Seasonic G-750W
    Xigmatek Aquila
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    Why don't you monitor your temps on a normal basis to see if it ever hits 80+ degrees. You got exactly what you paid for, you just don't want to use it at the rated specifications. The RAM is capable of exactly what we said it would be, it's not underperforming, you are setting it to under perform because you believe temperature may be an issue. This can be solved by using a better CPU cooler, or you can raise timings or lower frequency to reduce temps.

    With XMP enabled, set the timings to 9-10-10-31 1.50V to see how that works.

    DDR3-1600 is fine too, you can try 8-9-9-24 1.50V

    The RAM is rated for this very high performance spec, but you do not need to run it at that if you do not have the necessary hardware. There's not point in selling and getting different RAM, you would just be buying something inferior to use. If you input the same specifications as any inferior RAM it will work without a problem.

    Let us know how it goes!


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      Ok, great, thanks. I'll try these timings and see what happens (until a time that I'm less freaked out to run it at 1.6v )