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Can i run 3 strips out of this kit - f3-17000cl9q-16gbzh - in a x58 motherboard ?

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    It is normal for i7 920 to require high QPI. Only i7 980X 990X Extreme is 1.5X DRAM Frequency for QPI Frequency, instead of 2X for i7 920, so Extreme CPU will have much lower QPI Voltage.

    Otherwise, if you need high performance, just sell this monster and get X79 or Z68 haha
    The new platforms can perform so well.

    Thank you

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  • FattyPC
    I am running @ 4.2Ghz - 21x200

    I was able to run the Corsair Dominator GT 2000 / 6 GB Kit @ 2005 @ CR1

    *** This did need QPI/DRAM @ 1.6v
    Vdimm @ 1.656v

    The reason I swapped over to the Corsair Vengeance @ 1600 was because -

    *** 1.4 QPI/DRAM
    12GB vs 6GB

    Obviously this is 3 sticks @ 1600 - clearly showing why lower volts needed.

    I really want a faster setup but was hoping for attaining this with lower voltage to both qpi & dram...

    I know Corsair Vengeance do 12GB triple channel, but again not really at the CR wanted @ 10 compared to yours @ 9

    Thank you for advise, I am not prepared to shell out on the off chance they may work, hence my question - I know the XMP probably wouldn't work, but that wasn't a problem, it was just the voltages...
    Since you say it may need higher qpi, this was a problem with the last setup. Although I have a awesome water-cooling setup the qpi did still make a difference, and a little paranoia @ 1.6v compared to intels recommended 1.25/1.35 as I remember, I was happy @ 1.4v qpi dram but really wanted to leave it there... If you say I would need higher qpi , we are in the same boat...

    Maybe a time to sell up and Change to a different setup ? !!!

    If you would like to add anymore please do, your reply was very much appreciated Tman, TNX
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  • Tradesman
    You could try it, to be honest I'm not sure, you'll want the latest BIOS, but I believe the highest rated they had for this mobo with 4 GB sticks was at'll prob need to raise DRAM voltage and QPI/VTT voltages a fair amount. Also, will need a decent OC and set up the sticks manually, since your only using three of a four stick set, XMP won't work correctly

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  • Can i run 3 strips out of this kit - f3-17000cl9q-16gbzh - in a x58 motherboard ?

    Hello there,

    REF -

    G-Skill 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 2133MHz RipjawsZ X79 Memory Kit CL9 1.65V
    Manufacturer ID: F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZH

    My Question -

    Would it be possible to run the above ram "F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZH" on a X58 Asus Rampage 3 Gene
    I know this board is a triple channel board and the above kit is quad.
    I am asking if I can run 3 strips to equate to 12GB, would this be possible ?

    Would I run into any problems if I purchase a quad setup and only run 3 out of the 4 strips of ram

    My Setup -

    i7 920
    Asus Rampage 3 Gene
    Custom Water Cooling
    12GB Corsair Vengeance
    6GB Corsair Dominator GT - Swap Between this set and above set...