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Sniper vs Ripjaw

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  • Tradesman
    Either/or should work fine. The Ripjaws X are designed towards the P67/Z68/H67 while the Snipers are more all round sticks, I personally love the Snipers and have them in two of my rigs, including 2 sets (16GB) in my P67/2500K. All the sets I've used 1333/1600/1866 OC well, and generally run a lower CL at native speed, the sticks you orders I've run over 2100 w/ CL10 and had them run CL7 at 1600 (again with 16GB) so I highly recommend them

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  • jklines
    started a topic Sniper vs Ripjaw

    Sniper vs Ripjaw

    I've ordered an Asus F1A57-M Pro with AMD A8-3850 to build a HTPC computer based on a recommendation I found on the Internet. The recommendation also included G-Skill Sniper series DDR memory. After I placed the order to include a pair of Sniper F3-14900CLD-8GBSR strips, I was on the ASUS site downloading the most recent drivers and reviewing the information to build the PC and came across a recommended memory list that included the RipJaw F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL, but not the other. Looking at the specs, I don't see any differences; however, I'm concerned there may be more under the covers that will cause one to be more stable than the other. Could someone please tell me if there is a difference where one is better optimized for this board and processor? Or are the differences small enough where either should run just fine?