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Toshiba Laptop Problem

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  • Toshiba Laptop Problem


    I joined this forum to express my disappointment with Gskill support. I tell this to Gskill support to this address:

    And I'll paste the conversation:

    I just purchased this 8GB ram set: F3-8500CL7D-8GBSQ DDR 3 1066 and the computer doesn't boot I only see the Toshiba logo and after that a black screen with a white cursor . I tried testing each one separetely and same results. My laptop model is Toshiba T235D-S1345RD. It had this memory installed: Samsung M471B5673FH0-CF8. I already have the latest bios installed. Help will be apreciated.

    Dear Customer

    It would appear to be some sort of compatibility issue. You can try the G.Skill F3-10600CL9D-8GBSQ model to see if it works better.

    Thanks for the quick reply. Will you help me with this issue ? I mean the box doesn't say it will work only on certain laptops.

    Dear Customer

    Contact the original place of purchase to have the item exchanged.

    Thank you
    This is not the seller's fault. He sold me the memory I asked because this memory is supposed to work fine on ANY laptop that uses DDR3 memory. Why yours won't work is a mystery. If you read their answer you understand that they're not even sure if they sell a memory that is compatible with my computer. They say try to see if it works better. So I should just bother the seller trying each one till I find one compatible ???? That doesn't make sense. Or are you recommending another brand instead?
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    We can't test every single laptop model, so it is up to the end user to try different memory kits to determine which is. Generally speaking if the memory specifications match the laptop manufacturer specifications, they should be compatible, but there are cases where they do not, and may not for various reasons.

    The 10600 model is suggested because it is a slightly different chip configuration, which may work better for that particular model laptop, but you are right in that the modules are standard and they should work in computers that can support DDR3 4GB modules. Unfortunately the factor we can not be certain of is the laptop BIOS. It is possible that the BIOS is not written properly to support the modules, so in that case you will need to try different brands to see what it is compatible with. Hopefully the laptop manufacturer can help in some way such as an updated beta BIOS, if that is the real problem.

    All we can do on our end is make sure the memory does operate to standard specification flawlessly. If it does, it should be compatible with most laptops which should also follow the JEDEC standard.

    Thank you