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P67A-GD55 and G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D Potential Solution

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  • P67A-GD55 and G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D Potential Solution

    Following this procedure may not guarantee success however, I did find success in following these steps.

    First, I want to thank the G.SKILLS support team for being quick to respond to my posts.

    If your MSI P67A-GD55 is doing the good ol' power up loop and you are using the G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D and have X.M.P enabled, you may want to try these steps. (In other words, works perfect in 1333MHz but not in 1600MHz)

    The G.SKILLS admin has told me to clear the CMOS and try to use the ram one by one. I have already tried resetting the CMOS and was quite unsatisfied with the solution that the support team have given me. However, as I was driving home from work I remembered a thread I was reading from another forum regarding a complete CMOS clearing. So, I got home and tried it out myself.

    1. Unplug all power to the motherboard. (Both the 8 pin and the 24 pin)
    2. Remove the RAM from the motherboard.
    3. Place the CMOS pin to the two right-most pins. (Clear CMOS mode)
    4. Go to PS3/Xbox and play a few LONG rounds of Black Ops.
    5. Place the CMOS pin back to the two left-most pins. (Normal Mode)
    6. Place ONE RAM module in the appropriate slot and turn on computer.
    7. Enable X.M.P
    8. Cross your fingers and Save and Exit
    9. If everything worked out correctly your computer should reboot without going into that power loop.
    10. Turn off computer and install second RAM module.
    11. Make logical deductions based on your findings.

    Side Notes
    1. You may need engage in step 4 for a longer period of time. (Perhaps overnight?)
    2. If that still does not work you may need to remove your CPU during step 4.
    3. It's probably a good idea to disconnect your Power Supply's power cable and turn off your power supply.
    4. Check Z-CPU and see if RAM is at the correct clock. (About 800 MHz which, at double, is 1600 MHz)

    I hope my frustrating journey on finding a solution to this QUITE SPECIFIC problem was helpful to to you. Again these are just suggestions and may not work 100% of the time. Please feel free to leave feedback and your experiences. Thanks!

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    Once you achieve chopper gunner, you are safe to put the pins back. The key is to reset BIOS through the pins/button on the motherboard.

    The key is to reset BIOS through the pins/button on the motherboard.

    The key is to reset BIOS through the pins/button on the motherboard.

    This is special to P67! So JUST DO IT.

    People keep fighting me and saying no no no that's not it, I already cleared BIOS, bla bla bla, well, make sure you do it physically on the motherboard!!! Not within BIOS!

    It is a simple fix, but if you don't listen then you'll have to RMA or figure it out on your own!

    jouslee, thanks for the update. Hopefully the more posts there are the easier it will be for people to understand.

    Thank you
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      Yes, thats the only way I've known to reset the BIOS. (Through the PINs) However, I have always only need to to place the pin in the reset mode for a few seconds to a few minutes. But, in my experiences, this was not the case for the P67A-G55. The P67A-G55 seems to require combination of a bit more time for the BIOS to clear and/or cutting of power to the motherboard.
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