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GSkill perfect storm ddr3 2000mhz F3-16000CL8T-6GBPs

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    BCLK 167 x 12 memory multiplier = DDR3-2004

    Then lower CPU ratio if it's too high for you.

    Set timings to 8-8-8-21

    Set DRAM Voltage to 1.65V

    Then raise CPU VTT until the system is stable. This is the toughest and main setting you need to work on. It is difficult for many since there is no pre-determined voltage you can simply use. Trial and error testing is required.

    Thank you

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  • GSkill perfect storm ddr3 2000mhz F3-16000CL8T-6GBPs

    I have a DFI Lanparty UT X58-T3eH8 motherboard with core I7-950 processor,(2) evga 480 superclocked in sli. PC Power & Cooling MK II 950watt psu, corsair h50 liquid cooling unit in antec 1200 case w/nine fans. with (3) acer 3d monitors in surround. This is a custom gaming rig i built. Every game is played in 3d uswing nvidia 3d ware.

    I would like to know what settings i need to make my memory run at 2000 mhz constantly. I am still a newbie at somethings. so please explain or detail the settings as if u were looking at this bios of this mobo.

    the memory is

    F3-16000CL8T-6GBPS (2g x 3)
    8-8-8-21-2n voltage 1.65
    speed ddr3-2000 (PC3 16000)

    I kind of know my way around the bios.
    please help.

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