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Resume from sleep mode problem and others.

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  • Resume from sleep mode problem and others.

    G.SKILL ripjaws DDR3 1600
    I'm running it @ 9-9-9-24-40-2T 1.5v
    1333mhz instead of 1600.

    When putting the computer to sleep then starting it on again. The monitor is black with blinking underscore, never loads. So I click reset button and get a resume loader error, so I dump the memory(option given) and continue a usual boot not from RAM.

    This happens each and every time I boot from sleep mode. I ran memtest86+ about 3 passes. 0 errors.

    The only application that has stutters do to RAM or my mobo memory controller? is Fifa 2010.. I don't have any other games or applications to test it on. and Stress tests don't give me problems..

    I also have "lag" / choppy gameplay.. it's not the videocard as I already swapped it and the problem persists..
    My specs::
    Phenom II X2 555 3.2ghz BE
    Antec 520 Watt (80+)
    WD 500GB HD
    EVGA 9800GTX+
    WIN7 Ultimate x64

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    I was having this problem also with this exact ram. I was, in no uncertain words, told with a warning on my monitor that i was running an overclock that was causing the problem.....i was too, it was awsome 3.5ghz on a v8 cooler-add huge fps in games lol. I have since taken the oc off as there is not enough of a differance between 60fps and 80 fps. Everything is still lighting fast.
    You may want to remove the sleep function if you want to run the oc still. Good Luck

    Ps the oc was on the cpu NOT the ram, ram was at 1600 and the mobo supports a ram oc to 1866


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      Nope, not running OC, I was planning too.. but it's not stable at normal.. and even below rated specs.


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        CPU-NB Voltage +0.1V, then back to FIFA 10. =)

        Thank you